How to Mobilize a Community to Address Alcohol Harms among Young People

“This infographic summarizes how to build effective partnerships between communities and youth to reduce the harm of alcohol use. It highlights how to build an effective partnership, understand indicators of harm and plan a coordinated local response.”

Find more from Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (Canada, 2018)

“Heavy episodic drinking poses potentially serious health and safety risks to young adults, particularly post-secondary students. The study, Heavy Episodic Drinking among Post-secondary Students: Influencing Factors and Implications, examined student perceptions and attitudes, expectations, reasons and consequences influencing heavy episodic drinking. The study also explored three highrisk drinking issues: alcohol-induced blackouts, pre-drinking and drinking to cope. The findings from the report continue to demonstrate the extreme nature of heavy episodic drinking and the risks posed to students. In response, this study suggests that improved and broadened student education on heavy episodic drinking is needed, and that students and institutions each need to play a role in reducing the associated harms. One opportunity to help institutions is the Postsecondary Education Partnership- Alcohol Harms (PEP-AH), a group of Canadian postsecondary institutions that work to reduce the harms of alcohol on Canadian campuses (see more on the PEP-AH website).”

Read more about the Heavy Episodic Drinking Report

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