Zero Alcohol – Full Power

“Unborn children are extremely sensitive to the cell toxin alcohol. When a pregnant woman drinks, the alcohol spreads throughout the body and also enters the child’s body, which is connected to the mother’s. Thanks to the umbilical cord that connects mother and child, both have the same alcohol level within a few minutes.

However, the harmful effect on the unborn child lasts longer, since its organism is not yet fully developed and therefore breaks down the alcohol more slowly.

What are the consequences of alcohol for the unborn child?

The risk of health problems increases with the amount of alcohol that the mother drinks. The most severe form of damage is called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). The affected children are born with physical deformities and develop behavioral disorders that often cannot be cured. Regular alcohol consumption during pregnancy also increases the risk of premature birth.”

Find more from Null Alkohol – Voll Power (Germany, 2022)

Alcohol is not a sexpert

“Alcohol numbs the brain. That it also disinhibits is one thing. Some people find it easier to approach others.

But the other thing is that things happen quickly that you would never do when sober. For example, you end up in bed with someone you don’t trust – or who isn’t attractive at all.

Some even have sex without remembering it later. Apart from all the other risks – the awakening is then just as dull as the intoxicated touches were. You have moths in your head instead of butterflies in your stomach.

If you know about sex, you leave out the alcohol.”

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