FASD Awareness – Steven’s Story

“Many FASD Individuals consistently report that they don’t want to be viewed as victims, but just struggle with many day-to-day activities that most take for granted. This film shows the positive way that with an early diagnosis, and the right level of care and wrap around support to scaffold that individual throughout their childhood and the transitioning into adulthood, it can lead to positive outcomes.”

Learn more from fasdawareness.org.uk (UK, September 2022). FASD Awareness is a charitable organisation with a clear vision – where all people are aware of the dangers of alcohol use during pregnancy and mothers are supported to stay healthy and strong during pregnancy, and individuals living with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are identified, recognised, valued and supported.

FASD Case Study #2 – The Revolving Door

“Here is one of our case study films showing how important early diagnosis, a correct assessment and obtaining the right level of support is, and the potential impacts if these are not put in place. The narration is of a father telling the story of his son.”

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