Even in small quantities, alcohol is not good for your health

“Since the original release of Canada’s LRDGs in November 2011, new evidence has been uncovered on alcohol-related mortality and morbidity. Research has also evolved on how drinking alcohol contributes to social harms. Other countries, including Australia, Denmark, France, the Netherlands,the United Kingdom and United States, recently updated their guidelines to reduce the health risks of alcohol consumption.

The LRDG update will be the result of a collaborative process among CCSA, scientists, knowledge mobilization specialists and representatives of various Canadian organizations, including Health Canada. The process will be consensual and based on co-operation. It will also be voluntary and flexible. All parties will participate with equal status and the expression of each parties’ points of views will be encouraged.

The updated guidelines will provide people living in Canada with information to make well-informed and responsible decisions about their alcohol consumption. We expect to release the new guidelines in fall 2022.”

Find more from Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (Canada, August 2022)

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