We are role models

“It’s that time again in May: the nationwide “Action Week Alcohol” will take place from 14-22 May 2022, and this year the focus in Berlin is on the topic of role models.

“You can educate children as well as you like, but they will imitate everything you do!

Children learn first and foremost from what they are taught. But even young people and adults, our society and every individual are influenced by what people do in their environment. Social interaction means that our behaviour is noticed and can even affect the behaviour of others.

What do role models have to do with addiction prevention? Consumption behaviour, for example dealing with alcohol, is also learned. We experience how our family regularly drinks an “after-work beer”, we experience how friends try alcohol, and maybe we are offered something by others. Alcohol is very socially accepted. So it is important that we are aware that we are role models and consciously decide what we want to exemplify. It is not about doing everything “perfectly” – rather, it is about acting thoughtfully, being clear that you are setting an example, and engaging in conversation with others about your own and others’ behaviour.

From 14-22 May 2022, the Alcohol Action Week will take place. Berlin is participating in this year’s action week as part of the state programme “Na klar – unabhängig bleiben!”, among other things with a central kick-off event and a poster campaign.

You too can take part: No matter if you are a meeting place, a family centre, a school, a youth leisure centre, a sports club, a counselling centre, a self-help contact point, a company, a supermarket or a radio station. Everyone can take part in the Alcohol Action Week with their own action and support and enrich Berlin’s commitment to the topic.”

Learn more from Fachstelle für Suchtprävention Berlin (Germany, May 2022)

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