This Naked Mind Companion App

In a move that not only combines tons of free resources in one place but also embraces a private and advertisement-free experience, This Naked Mind introduces its This Naked Mind Companion App. And, with it, extends an invitation to join Annie Grace’s global community — the one that was part of the beginning of the mindful drinking and sober curious movements and explores relationships with alcohol … without rules, shame, or judgment.

Available free in the App Store, on Google Play, and online, This Naked Mind Companion App features everything people have traditionally found and engaged with on This Naked Mind’s social media channels. It’s a private space where people can find conversations and support. 

“I believe people can drink less, moderate, get sober, stop drinking, or anything in between,” says Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment. “The journey is 100 percent personal and should never be judged.”

The language is non-traditional — not focused on whether people are alcoholics or hit rock bottoms, not focused on 100 percent sober days defining success and relapse equaling failure. 

“It’s not about labeling people,” says Grace. “It’s about getting curious, learning the truth, and deciding whether you might be happier drinking a bit less or not at all.”

What’s In The Free App

  • The Alcohol Experiment, a 30-day challenge exploring life with less or no alcohol.
  • Over 700 videos that explore sober life — from socializing to sex and much more.
  • A global support community where members can remain anonymous if they choose.
  • Opportunities to join Annie Grace and This Naked Mind Head Coach Scott Pinyard in live conversation.

About This Naked Mind
Founded by Annie Grace in 2015, This Naked Mind helps people end the conflict between their desire to drink less and their unconscious belief that alcohol is beneficial. Grace overcame a decade of drinking by revamping her own relationship with alcohol. Today she helps others across the globe do the same — one million people who’ve bought her books, 225,000+ people who receive daily emails from her, listeners who’ve downloaded her This Naked Mind Podcast episodes almost 15 million times, and more than 350,000 people who’ve gone through her free program, The Alcohol Experiment. Rather than teaching people how to be sober, TNM takes away the desire to drink. And, the grace-led, science-based approach helps people where rehabs have not. 

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