All Sober

All Sober, a Public Benefit Company, announced today the launch of its game-changing online platform and mobile app that will help the hundreds of millions of Americans impacted by drug and alcohol addiction. All Sober provides everything needed for treatment, recovery and a sober life, all in one place and is free to anyone who signs up – which will allow millions to benefit from all the resources it delivers.

The online platform and app is made up of seven pillars: Help and Information, Group Support, Treatment and Recovery, Community, Relaunch, Sober Lifestyle, and Inspiration. These key components of All Sober provide crucial addiction help and information, 24-7 support groups, quick and easy access to treatment options with reviews, sober networks and communities, resources that will help people launch successfully back into society, sober lifestyle information, and inspiring stories of recovery.

As the nation’s drug-related overdose and death epidemic have continued to worsen according to the American Medical Association, Flora Nicholas and Paul Gayter came up with the idea of All Sober as they found themselves in a troublesome position trying to help a family member through addiction to recovery.

“Our loved one’s addiction led us to experience the problems that hundreds of millions of Americans face daily throughout the addiction-recovery lifecycle. ” said Flora Nicholas, Co-Founder & CEO of All Sober. “We saw for ourselves that there was no comprehensive resource that people suffering from addiction and their loved ones could turn to for help and support. Existing solutions are siloed, fragmented, highly specialized, not available on the scale that the problem demands, or simply non-existent. So, we created All Sober to solve that problem and help make a difference in the lives of millions of our fellow Americans.”

“All Sober is already having an impact even prior to its official launch”,  said Paul Gayter, Co-Founder of All Sober. “One of our employees recently shared the All Sober platform with a friend who needed help for a loved one in crisis. All Sober helped her find the right kind of treatment quickly and easily, get her loved one into a treatment center in matter of hours and helped save his life – and that was incredibly inspiring, and demonstrated to us that we are indeed going to make a difference in the lives of all those who need help.”

In addition to providing crucial insight and treatment help for addiction, All Sober also demonstrates that sobriety is not only possible, but sustainable and fun as well. The platform uses inspiration through music, videos and blogs from celebrity partners, including Rock and Roll Hall of Famers in Ralph Johnson of Earth Wind & Fire and Ricky Byrd formerly of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. All Sober spreads hope and positivity from regular people as well by featuring inspirational stories of people celebrating their “soberversaries” and connecting people through in-app communities to meet others going through similar experiences.

All Sober is committed to helping end the stigma associated with drug and alcohol addiction while inspiring people to celebrate sobriety through its game-changing platform.

To learn more about All Sober and to download the app, please visit   

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