What are your best memories from your own graduation time?

“The graduation period is characterised by high alcohol consumption, and many find themselves drinking more than they had planned. One of the consequences after a trip to the boozer is the unpleasant “next day” feeling, i.e. drunkenness.

The internet is full of good and not so good advice on how to cure drunkenness. On this page you can read through some of the nicest, most exquisite and funniest drunkenness cures on the internet, and get real tips on how to drink a little less alcohol during the day.”

Find more from Av-og-til (Norway, 2022)

The big graduation parties just started. We invited students to test some strange hangover cures, including Shrimp ice cream🍦🍤🤢. What are your best memories from your own graduation time?

Av-og-til´s campaign aims to make young people to think and drink less. In addition, it discusses ways how to handle drinking pressure. “Many feel that you need a valid reason if you wish to say no to alcohol, or don’t want to drink so much. In order for everyone to have as good time as possible, it is useful to think about how you want to feel and how you should be towards others.” Find more from HERE

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