Vote For Public Health

“Companies make substantial profits from unethical marketing and promoting unhealthy commodities, including gambling, formula milk, fast and ultra-processed foods, sugar-sweetened beverages, alcohol and tobacco (including e-cigarettes), all of which are a major cause of chronic disease and health inequities. Children’s large and growing online exposure, while bringing benefits for information access and social support, also exposes them to exploitation, as well as to bullying, gambling and grooming by criminals and sexual abusers, according to a WHO-UNICEF-Lancet Commission study from 2020.

By introducing tax increases on tobacco (30% increase), alcohol (30% increase) and unhealthy foods and beverages (20% increase), alongside mandatory salt limits on processed foods, it has been estimated that more than $6 billion of net savings could be made to the health system through a reduction in direct healthcare costs.

The Public Health Association: We encourage all Australia’s people to learn about public health issues and discuss them with their families, friends and communities. We encourage voting Australians to give public health issues high importance when deciding who should represent them in Parliaments. However, we do not endorse or recommend votes for specific parties or candidates.”

Lear more from (Australia, April 2022)

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