True Story

“How can I live up to the others and be good enough? That’s the theme of the Danish National Board of Health’s True Story youth campaign, which tackles issues such as sexual health, alcohol and mental health.

The aim of the True Story campaign is to puncture some of the misconceptions, stories and myths that make young people feel they have to live up to each other and to ideas that don’t match reality. Through the campaign, the Health Authority aims to raise awareness and reflection among young people about these dynamics and ultimately shift young people’s attitudes and behaviour in a healthier direction. The focus will be on sexual health, alcohol and mental health.

Here, young people may encounter, among other things, the dynamics and majority misconceptions that contribute to health challenges and risk behaviours in the thematic areas mentioned above. For example, the inner critical voice that tells you that others are much better, more fun, more capable, etc. than you are. Thoughts that can ultimately lead to a loss of personal boundaries, for example in relation to alcohol or sex. In addition, the campaign will be executed through a number of influencers, who on their own platforms will create reflection and support for the messages. They will do this by telling their own “True Story” and revealing their “inner critical voice”. In doing so, they want to show their thousands of young followers that there is not much to live up to.

Find more from Sundhedsstyrelsen (Denmark, 2019-2021)

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