Recovery Elevator podcast: The Mind F&ck of Alcohol

“Of course, we do a podcast, but we also bring like-minded individuals together, particularly in early sobriety, who seek a better life without alcohol through support and accountability.

Some members of the private groups have years of continuous sobriety, while others are only days away from their last drink, we are all striving for better quality of life without alcohol. Stopping drinking is the first part, of course, then we learn how to embrace a life without alcohol. Eventually, we return to the point in our life when we were happy without alcohol. Imagine going to a party, wedding, concert, or other social event and not needing alcohol to enjoy yourself. This is not an overnight process, yet once achieved, it is the most liberating feeling in the world. We invite you to join us on the path to wellness and sobriety.”

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RE 415: Dopamine Recovery Elevator

Episode 415 – Dopamine   Today we have Jorie, she is 31, from Westford, VT and took her last drink on 9/19/2020   There are two spots left for our next sober travel trip to Costa Rica from April 12th-21st for more information click the link Costa Rica 2023.  The deadline to register is February […] The post RE 415: Dopamine appeared first on Recovery Elevator.
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