40 days without alcohol

The 40 days without alcohol campaign is taking place for the seventeenth time, this time under the slogan ‘Laugh’. With the campaign, the organizers warn that excessive alcohol consumption in Slovenia causes a lot of distress in our families due to broken relationships, violence, traffic accidents and illness. Therefore, the invitation to act responsibly when dealing with alcohol applies at home, on the road, at work and in society. And, of course, an invitation to 40-day abstinence from alcohol (March 2 – April 16, 2022) in solidarity with all those who suffer from alcohol.

With the motto “Laugh”, the organizers encourage openness and find ways to enjoy alcohol-free in the home and wider social environment. Every smile and laughter also count in our daily relationships. With real joy, humour and a positive attitude, we overcome major or minor obstacles in life, which is an excellent prevention against addiction.”

Find more from Slovenska Karitas (Slovenia, March 2022)

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