My Dear Life

“This is a campaign that aims to bring before our society the truth of alcohol in an interesting way through a series of audio stories, videos, and memes. The main objective is to explain to the youth why not to touch this addictive substance and to guide those who are already addicted on how to quit it. This campaign is a collaborative effort of ‘WHO Southeast Asia Regional Office’ and Mr. Neelesh Misra’s creative team.”

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“As per the Global Burden of Disease study, alcohol  use is the most common risk factor for death and disability in the younger age group of 15-49 years accounting  for 12% of deaths among men in this age group, more than deaths due to TB and Diabetes

  • Between 2010-2016, prevalence of current drinkers doubled among Indian men and quadrupled among Indian women
  • Alcohol continues to be popular in the society especially among the youth

With the aim to inform people about the harmful effects of alcohol, World Health Organization launched an awareness campaign in collaboration with Gaon Connection, a rural media platform in India that targets young people. Titled ‘Meri Pyaari Zindagi’ (My Dear Life), the campaign uses 10 short videos and 15 short audio stories in Hindi narrated by a popular story teller, including memes to engage and connect with  young people.  

The campaign targets and addresses misconceptions around alcohol use. While most people associate alcohol with liver disease like cirrhosis, alcohol use is also linked to heart attacks, strokes, and cancers. Alcohol reduces the user’s immunity, increasing her/his risk of contracting infectious diseases like Tuberculosis, Pneumonia and even COVID-19, among others.”

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