Challenging drug and alcohol stigma

“Drug and alcohol stigma does happen and does have consequences.

Stigma is when a person, or group of people, are seen in a negative way or myths are believed about them. This may be because of a particular characteristic such as a disability, mental health condition or drug and alcohol use.

Drug and alcohol stigma:

  • stops people who need treatment and support from getting help as they feel judged
  • affects the friends and family of people struggling with an alcohol or drug problem
  • affects organisations and people who provide support

People struggling with an alcohol or drug problem should get the same support and treatment as those with any other health condition. This should be without fear of judgment.”

Find more from NHS Scotland (UK, December 2021)

One thought on “Challenging drug and alcohol stigma

  1. Great post! I had a hard time getting help because I didn’t want to be labeled an alcoholic. Once I realized getting help was more important than a label, I was on my way to rehab, and my life really started. Now that I am eight months sober, I don’t have an issue with the term as much as I did, but I agree wholeheartedly that the stigma needs to end, that way more people will be opened to receiving the help they need.

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