Guindaille 2.0

“In 2011, Univers santé, a health promotion association, developed a new campaign to reduce the risks and nuisances associated with the partying, in close collaboration with representatives of student organizations (AGL, GCL, Organ, Fédération Wallonne des Regional UCL). Based on their expectations, wishes and observations in the field, the students, Univers santé and academic services then look at a series of messages to illustrate.

In 2013, after two years of work, a first series of pictograms were created and installed in the animation surfaces. These visuals illustrate several tips for partygoers to have a good evening and limit the risks associated with excess alcohol. These messages can also evolve as needed or take other forms in order to be in tune with the reality of student folklore.”

Find more from Guindaille 2.0 (Belgium, 2013-2021)

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