„I felt shame“

“Jolanta participated in the project „Social integration of peoople with addiction to psychoactive substances“ financed by the European Social Fund. The p[roject is implemented by the Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department in cooperation with the public enterprise „Vilties švyrurys“.”

“I was famous and popular – it didn’t bring happiness. Maybe that’s why I was drinking – sometimes I felt underestimated. I also had material goods, especially growing up – but I still felt extremely lonely. That perception that really matters to me liberates me. Now I have dealt with desires. It remains to live your life in a way that is not ashamed of yourself and others. And to be humble – that the last conversation with God should take place with a clear conscience, ”says Jolanta Šarpnickienė.”

Read further from 15min.lt (Lithuania, 2021)

Visit also Vilties švyrurys (Lighthouse of Hope)

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