This summer, play

“From the Community Prevention Units of Addictive Behaviors (UPCCA) of the Valencian Community, a special prevention campaign has been launched aimed at youth and adapted to the current times of health crisis due to COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions.

The message of the campaign, to which the UPCCA of Dénia has joined, is “This summer, play”: it touches, more than ever, to be responsible.

During the pandemic, and especially during the months of confinement, drunkenness among youth decreased, from 46,2% to 25,3% in the case of men and from 41,3% to 22,8% in women . These figures represent a drop from 44% to 23%, on average.

However, the withdrawal of the state of alarm has put this progress in healthy behaviors at risk and once again increases the probability of risky consumption in leisure time.”

Read further from (Spain, July 2021)

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