Inform to act, mobilize to prevent  is the slogan with which the Presidency of the Republic of Cape Verde commemorates three years of intense work with the World Health Organization (WHO), government partners and civil society fighting against the abusive consumption of alcoholic beverages in Cape Verde.

During the act of commemoration, the President of the Republic, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, highlighted the importance of the new law approved unanimously in Parliament, which regulates the availability, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places, places open to the public and workplaces. “This new legislation demonstrates the convergence of wills in Cape Verdean society to combat the abusive use of alcohol, but now it will be necessary to be rigorous in its application and its appropriation by all citizens”, defended the President.

“For this purpose, this next period of the campaign will be called the Year of National Mobilization for the Prevention of Alcoholism, including the public petition to declare July 1 as the National Day to Combat the Abuse of Alcohol”, added the President.

On behalf of WHO, Edith Pereira, highlighted that the campaign in these three years has managed to make Cape Verdeans more open to dialogue on this issue and expressed the “full engagement of WHO in continuing to work with the Presidency of the Republic, in the implementation the activities of the Less Álcool Mais Vida initiative, as well as the Government and NGOs working with this theme”.”

Read further from WHO (Cape Verde, July 2019)

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