Don’t regret your night out

“Dorset Police is reminding everyone to enjoy their freedom this summer, behave responsibly and look after each other to prevent violent crime in the county.

The Force is launching its summer violent crime campaign – Don’t regret your night out – as the country prepares to fully reopen the night-time economy following the COVID-19 pandemic.

A series of posters and social media posts reminds people of the consequences of overdoing it on a night out or at home with friends when the toxic cocktail of alcohol and violence are mixed.

In a bid to keep residents and visitors safe this summer the Force is working closely with both BCP Council and Dorset Council to step up resources in town centres via additional police patrols, as well as an increase in security staff at licensed premises and community safety accredited officers from the council. To meet the increased demands of the summer, the Force has strengthened its working practices with partner agencies following the creation of Multi Agency Command Centres in Bournemouth and in west Dorset.

Reports of most serious violent offences, such as grievous bodily harm and wounding with intent, have fallen in Dorset over the last three years from 252 in 2018/19 to 226 in 2020/21.”

Find more from Dorset Police (UK, July 2021)

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