Time to get the message

“A new Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) campaign aims to prevent getting behind the wheel impaired with smashed cars on the side of high-traffic roads.

The smashed car display was unveiled on Tuesday in Prince Albert. MADD chapters in other cities, such as Regina and Estevan, are also taking part.

“It’s a very shocking visual. We consider this like a moving billboard,” said Karen Anthony-Burns from MADD Prince Albert.”

Read further from CTV News (Canada, 2021)

And visit MADD Canada

2 thoughts on “Time to get the message

  1. Kudos to MADD for continuing to raise awareness of something so preventable. A few years ago, a young man was drunk driving and got into an accident that killed three beautiful young children and their grandfather (and I think the grandmother too). I can’t imagine the devastation the family went through and is still going through. These tragedies are all so so avoidable.

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    1. So true! And this is a global problem. Unfortunately, the problem is still the human factor. The cars get safer and also wiser, roads are better and thanks to these factors there are positive results in different countries. But the person behind the wheel, this is where we have to make some sort of a revolution. And organisations like MADD are definitely making their part in this.

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