Swim safely

“In order to promote safe rest by the water and reduce tragic statistics, the association “Swim safely” launches the campaign “If you swim, then safe! Don’t turn sluggish.” Using a specially created animated short film, experts call not to swim alone, under the influence of alcohol, as well as to choose a safe swimming location.

Zane Gemze, the founder of the association “Swim Safely”: “Last year, 10 children drowned in Latvia, a total of 128 people lost their lives. We believe that with just a few simple rules: not swimming alone, in the dark, in an unknown swimming place and under the influence of alcohol, accidents can be prevented.”

Statistics show that 80% of all drownings are men, which can be explained by reckless behavior, overestimation of one’s abilities, as well as being under the influence of alcohol.

The first animated film was welcomed by students who took part in online classes on safe behavior on the water on 13 and 14 May. A quarter of all students – almost 55 thousand (54 836) – applied for the lectures organized by the Association “Swim Safely” and the Latvian Swimming Federation. The classes were implemented within the framework of the project “Summer is approaching – remember about safety on water”, which is financially supported by the Society Integration Fund from the Latvian state budget funds allocated by the Ministry of Culture.”

Find more from LSM.lv (Latvia, May 2021) and visit Swim Safely

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