Going out to drink? Who’s in Charge?

“To coincide with the easing of lockdown restrictions on Monday, 12 April, a hard-hitting video campaign is urging adults to remember to ask the critical question ‘Who’s in Charge?’ if they plan to drink alcohol while responsible for children.

Members of two households are allowed to have outdoor gatherings in parks and other public spaces such as bars, pubs and restaurants in England from today. While welcoming the benefits to physical and mental wellbeing, public health experts are urging adults to be responsible when drinking alcohol in a multi-generational group and maintain awareness of the safety of children in their care.

The campaign from the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership and Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust was launched in response to increasing concerns that growing numbers of babies and children are at risk of serious harm because of the way some parents and carers consume alcohol – both at home and at outdoor gatherings.

It urges parents, and others with responsibility for children, to be aware of a range of potentially dangerous consequences of drinking alcohol while caring for children and to always have a ready answer to the question ‘’Who’s in Charge?’”

Find more from Birmingham Community Healthcare (UK, April 2021). The Who’s in Charge? campaign is supported by and delivered in partnership with the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership.

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