Road Safety is a collective responsibility

“The National Road Safety Agency (ANSV, Argentina) launched a new awareness campaign appealing to collective responsibility, giving relevance to the voice and decisions of those who do not sit behind the wheel.

Two friendly couples finish dinner in a bar. One of them greets and says goodbye. He, visibly happy from the effect of alcohol, takes the car keys. She, in a quick movement, prevents it. On the other hand, in the middle of the game of seduction, a young man invites a young woman to his apartment. Like someone evaluating her interlocutor, she asks what they will travel on because she sees only one helmet. Before his totally disinterested answer, the climate breaks and the appointment is cancelled. These two daily life scenes are part of the launch of a new Road Safety campaign launched by the ANSV, a body under the Ministry of Transport.”

Find more from 100 Seguro (Argentina, March 2021)

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