From alcohol zero I live healthy to full

“Through the campaign with ambassadors “From alcohol zero I live healthy to full” we want to encourage the general Slovenian public to think about their drinking habits and the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption on the individual, physical and mental health, loved ones, society, …

At the same time, we want to convey that there are alternatives to spending free time and overcoming potential hardships. Please share with us your way of quality and healthy leisure time on your Facebook profile under the common #nulazdravodofula. TV presenter Igor E. Bergant, doctor and humanitarian Ninna Kozorog, TV presenter David Urankar and designer Ajda Rotar Urankar, acrobats Filip and Blaž and hip hop musician Nipke have already shared their alternatives with us.

SOPA stands for Together for a responsible attitude towards alcohol consumption. 

The project’s primary goal is to reduce Slovene adults’ excessive drinking and thus prevent the negative consequences of hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption for an individual, his relatives, and broader society.

We aim to achieve this by establishing an interdisciplinary approach and linking different sectors, such as the healthcare and social sector, non-governmental organisations, municipalities, the police, and the media.”

Find more from (Slovenia, 2021)

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