The app Moderate helps you keep track of your consumption

“The driving forces to drink in moderation can be many. Someone does not want to get drunk and get lost, someone else wants to be able to drive the children to training early the next day or have the energy left to do what they had planned to do: Work in the garden, get that run or be the best partner, the parent , colleague, friend you want to be.

What do you want to be able to do tomorrow? You can download Moderate (Måttfull) from App Store or Google Play.

In the app Moderate, you can log what you drink and see how alcohol affects health both at the time of drinking and in the long run. What happens if you exchange a glass of wine for a beer? A strong beer against an alcohol-free one? Increases or decreases the pace? How quickly are you affected, and what can you do yourself to control the degree of intoxication?”

Find more from Systembolaget (Sweden, 2021)

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