What is Option C Recovery?

“In this week’s (Inspired Evolution) episode, Amrit interviews Jon-Olaf Hendricks, a sober lifestyle strategist, international best-selling author, speaker, and mentor. Jon-Olaf is the Co-Founder and CEO of Option C Recovery, a new option and global recovery community where everyone impacted by addiction is encouraged and empowered to heal together.

Amrit and Jon-Olaf have a deep, raw and open conversation about a new outlook on the entire addiction recovery paradigm which stems from Jon-Olaf’s personal journey. Stepping out of current limited recovery systems and programs and forging his way into a new path to create his own successful recovery process. A chapter about a simple yet a powerful way to recover from addiction, keep sober, and move into a space of personal growth, love and success.

They talk about why Jon-Olaf started drinking and his path towards recovery.”

Find more about Inspired Revolution

Learn about Option C Recovery (2021)

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