Drink Less for Your Breasts

“Seventy-five percent of women are unaware that drinking alcohol increases their risk of developing breast cancer, yet in the United States, there are approximately 19,000 cases of alcohol-attributable breast cancer each year. The #DrinkLessForYourBreasts initiative—the first of its kind in the U.S.—seeks to bridge this gap through a social media campaign aimed at young women in California.

With an estimated 7% to 16% increase in breast cancer risk attributed to alcohol consumption, the campaign’s goals are to let women know that drinking alcohol negatively impacts their breast health and provide useful tools to help women better understand the risk and what alcohol does to their bodies so they can make informed choices.

While the campaign’s main purpose is to inform, the messages also encourage women to consider their breast health when deciding when and how much to drink.  Even reducing their drinking by small amounts, such as taking one night off or replacing a drink with a non-alcoholic beverage, will lower the risk.”

Find more from Alcohol Research Group (USA, February 2021)

Campaign website: drinklessforyourbreasts.org

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