The fifth edition of “Tournée Minérale”

“The fifth edition of “Tournée Minérale” – a challenge for Belgians not to drink alcohol during the entire month of February – kicks off on Monday.

The Tournée Minérale campaign – a play on “tournée générale”, a term used to signify rounds for everyone – was launched in 2017 by the Cancer Foundation to warn against the harm caused by alcohol.

This year, the campaign is being taken over by the non-profit organization “Univers santé” in Wallonia, while the organisation “VAD/De Druglijn” is at the helm in Flanders.”

Read further from The Brussels Times (Belgium, February 2021)

4 weeks, 4 themes!
February is the shortest month of the year: easier to motivate yourself! What if these four weeks were an opportunity to initiate a broader reflection on our alcohol consumption? For this 2021 edition, each week of Tournée Minérale will explore a theme: culture, sleep, well-being and health.

Visit Tournée Minérale

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