Pressure to drink and alcohol habits

Have you thought about whether you contribute to drinking pressure? Young adults aged 18-29 report more often than the rest of the population that they experience the expectation that alcohol will be drunk at parties and in social groups.

The Blue Cross’ survey on “alcohol habits in Norway” from 2018 shows that many people categorically reject that drinking pressure is something that exists in their lives.

Nevertheless, most state that they are asked if they do not drink alcohol in social groups.

The pressure most often comes from those closest to you as friends and family. You should somehow enjoy yourself and enjoy the alcohol together. If you do not drink, you are often asked why not. Many people feel that they must have a valid reason if they say no to alcohol.

1 in 3 find it uncomfortable to say no to alcohol
Many people report that they find it unpleasant to say no to alcohol because they feel that others may perceive them as rude, moralizing or boring. The feeling of not being part of the “social glue” by saying no to alcohol can be experienced quite awkwardly. It is as if you say no to the community.”

Find more from Blue Cross Norway (Norway, 2020)

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