“The 2020 campaign – No One Wants That for the Holidays. Don’t Drink or Take Drugs Before Driving – reminds drivers that driving after using alcohol or drugs is risky behaviour that could lead to serious consequences, even when used in moderation.”

Find more from Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (Canada, December 2020)

“We see the living room of a house decorated for Christmas where a fireplace crackles. The atmosphere is warm. A woman with a gift in her hands walks over to the sofa where her partner is sitting and hands the gift to him while sitting next to him.
The man said: “We said we wouldn’t exchange gifts.”
The woman responds with a smile: “Yeah, but …”
The man smiles while unwrapping the gift.
We discover that the gift contains a bottle of gin and car keys. The man smiles questioningly, saying: “The keys to the car with alcohol?” “
The woman is proud of her gift and replies, “You wanted a broken skull. “
The man looks at her, then returns to the gift, saying: “I don’t know what to say … A fractured skull is really a beautiful gift!” “
The man looks at his partner, smiling, then says: “Thank you my love! Before taking her face and kissing her.
We can see the entire living room again. The following text appears in the image: “No one wants this for the holidays.”
The woman asks him: “Are you happy?” “
The man responds with a smile: “So perfect!” “
On a black background, it reads: “No drinking and driving. “
We see the logo” Your government” in the lower-left corner.
On a black background, we then see the logo of the Government of Quebec.”

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