Three Sacks Full of Hats

“Mick has returned to his family home after a long absence. Escaping his family, he moved to London and has stayed away for some time. But now his brother Sid is in the hospital. Sid is in fast decline, thanks to his lifelong abuse of alcohol.

But returning home stirs up old tensions in the family, as Mick is painfully reminded of why he left home. In the last days of Sid’s life, Mick and his parents must face up to their shame and denial as they confront the familial influence on Sid’s imminent death.

Powerful, honest and ultimately deeply moving, “Three Sacks Full of Hats” is about alcoholism and the way it eats away at our lives. But it has the emotional wisdom to understand that addictions and dysfunctions of all kinds too often stem from the deep dysfunction and traumas of our families, creating a long-running legacy that becomes harder to break with each generation.”

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