Gambling with Grunk

“Gambling while intoxicated can lead to impaired decision-making and increased risk-taking (Curran et al., 2002; Welte et al., 2004). The high rates of gambling and related harm that are seen among those 18 to 24 years, as well as the risky gambling behaviours that go along with playing while intoxicated, increase the importance of communicating the risks of this behaviour among young adults, who are 2-3 times more likely to develop issues with gambling.

The campaign uses a dark humour approach, which we know from RGC research resonates with this target. The campaign was delivered on YouTube which is the second largest platform (coming second only to Netflix) for video content use from our target, with 80% of young adults and teens using YouTube to gain knowledge. Using a digital-first YouTube approach allowed RGC to deliver a bold thumb-stopping campaign outside of traditional forms of communication – often a finger-wagging approach does not break through to a younger audience, where skepticism is high and the time you have to capture their interest is low.”

Find more from HERE (Canada, October 2020)

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