Irrepressible: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Resilience

“In this latest episode of Irrepressible: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Resilience, I speak with Alex who fronts up half of The Sober Experiment, who I have fast become a fan of.

Alex is Co-Founder of The Sober Experiment and Bee Sober Official is a 42-year old mum of three and an accredited training provider focusing on alcohol recovery. She has a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences, a PGCE and is currently studying an MSc in Mental Health Science. After realising alcohol was impacting her mental health, Alex decided to give up alcohol. Alex is practicing self-care and mindfulness as part of her continued sobriety journey. She always has a self-help book/audiobook or two on the go. Alex’s favourite self-care tools are exercise and running. Alex is currently training to become a volunteer speaker for Nacoa, to support children of alcoholic parents, something which is very close to her heart from her own childhood experiences. Alex’s aim is to write and publish her own book to spread the word on how amazing sobriety is.

In this interview Alex talks openly about her own experience of growing up in an alcoholic home and how that took her on her own journey of struggling with her relationship with alcohol. For me, what I really took from this interview is hope. Hope that no matter where someone is, change is absolutely possible. Alex is proof of that. The journey this interview takes you on is really powerful, Alex talks of the depths of ‘just wanting to disappear’ and the interview finishes with Alex showing us how incredible a sober life can be.

Find out all about The Sober Experiment here –

Following the link above you can find all of The Sober Experiments social media channels, all of which I can highly recommend following. They also have an amazing podcast with super incredible guests!”

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The Sober Experiment is a wellbeing company with a difference. Alex and Lisa work with organisations (and individuals) to transform the mindset, health and wellbeing of their people, through challenging beliefs around alcohol and removing the stigma attached to living a positive and inclusive alcohol-free lifestyle. Through our interactive presentations we will help you to create a successful, purposeful, productive and healthy organisation.”

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