The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

“What are the effects of drinking alcohol on my body? Sébastien Payet answers you in this short and quirky program on health!

Already, you should know that alcohol is a psychoactive product, that is to say it acts on the functioning of the brain: it modifies consciousness and perceptions, and therefore feelings and behavior.

Consumed in low doses, alcohol provides a feeling of relaxation, euphoria, even excitement. It “uninhibits” and helps to stop feeling shy, for example.

You should know that at this time already the reflexes start to decrease. Consumed in higher doses, alcohol causes drunkenness. It results in poor coordination of movements, disturbed speech, reduced reflexes and vigilance, drowsiness, risky behavior for you but also for those around you, etc.

Drinking alcohol can also lead to black hole memory loss. At very high doses, drowsiness can lead to ethyl coma. It constitutes a medical emergency. Without care, it can cause death.”

Find more from (France, 2018)

This video is in French. Enable subtitles (cc) and then choose auto-translate from Settings.

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