Today is for Me

“You’re already making healthy choices for yourself. Whether or not you are planning to become pregnant, making health decisions is something you do every day. When you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you are also making healthy choices for your baby’s health. Avoiding all types of alcohol and marijuana throughout your whole pregnancy or while you are trying to get pregnant is the best way to prevent complications.

Sometimes it hard to know what sources of information are trustworthy. The information is confusing or inconsistent and everyone has an opinion. It’s important to talk to your healthcare provider early about alcohol and marijuana use before, during, and after your pregnancy.”

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“Over its five-month run, the Today is For Me campaign generated more than 3.3 million impressions among women ages 18–44 in NH. The campaign’s video ad had a 1.03% click-through-rate, more than double the YouTube channel average. Traffic to the campaign website from organic content generated a 60% longer time spent on the site; a 14% lower bounce rate; and almost 300 users spent time with the marijuana and alcohol use flip facts cards, indicating high engagement. Facebook paid ads earned a 3.9% engagement rate, 29% higher than the average of comparable campaigns. Since 2019, JSI has distributed more than 200 materials packets to community partners and 1,000 provider toolkits, which include a video overview of Screening and Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment for providers who treat women of childbearing age who may use alcohol or marijuana.”

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