New start

“Many young people are now in full swing with the start of their studies. “A new start” where people often drink more than usual, which can have negative effects for themselves, but also for the people around them.

We know that many young people feel that there is too much pressure and too much alcohol in connection with the start of studies. Most young people have not fully realized who they are yet, so it can be difficult to resist the pressure. The expectations from the environment, combined with one’s own desire to have a well-functioning social life means that many push the boundaries when consuming alcohol. For fear of being left out or not fitting in, the new students do not dare to be left out. 

To get young people to reflect on their relationship to alcohol, we encourage you to take a check in the mirror. It is often only when you leave the party and are alone with yourself in front of the mirror that you are able to feel how what you have drunk affects you, and whether it is in line with how much you want to drink.”

Find more from Vinmonopolet (Norway, August 2020) 

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