Alone Together

“#alleensamen is the corona campaign of the national government. The campaign focuses on a healthy lifestyle, among other things. The corona era has taught us that a healthy lifestyle is more important now than ever. 

The #alleensamen campaign is about taking good care of yourself and others. What can you do to increase your resistance and thus be less susceptible to the corona virus and other diseases? The campaign has four pillars and focuses on:

  1. Consciously handling alcohol
  2. Get enough exercise
  3. Healthy food
  4. Quit smoking

The Health Council’s advice is: “Do not drink or drink a maximum of one glass per day.” In this way you limit the risks of alcohol. Did you also know that drinking a lot at once is more harmful than a little bit every day? So drinking seven glasses on one day of the week is more harmful than one glass every day.”

Find more from (Netherlands, 2020)

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