100 Dangerous Days

For the second year in a row, Michigan State Police reported just under 1,000 traffic deaths. Officials said they want that number lowered.

The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning was targeting teens this summer by encouraging safer driving habits.

Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning Communications Manager Kendall Wingrove said his team launched a safety initiative, 100 Most Dangerous Days, targeting teen drivers.

“Those young teens that maybe are having their first summer behind the wheel or maybe their first couple summers driving a car with their friends,” Wingrove said. “We’re trying to address speed, inexperience, and decision making.”

Read more from WWMT

Visit Teen Safe Driving Campaign website of the Michigan State Police (USA, July 2020)

“Overall, the crash rate for teen drivers is four times that of adult drivers. And more teen driving fatalities occur in the summer than any other time of the year. With more freedom, teens drive and gather more often. They’re also more likely to engage in high-risk activities like speeding or underage drinking and drug use.”

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