Say No & Go

“The “Say No & Go” campaign is designed to help those addicts dependant on substances who are yet to seek help/treatment for their addiction(s). It is designed to provide a point at which the individual can actively decide that making a positive change in their life & breaking free from their addiction(s) is the only way forward to be able to live a happy, prosperous and productive life free from the shackles that is drug & alcohol addiction.”

Find more from Drink ‘n’ Drugs (July 2020)

About Drink ‘n’ Drugs:

“Those who run our social media sites and blog have been addicted to a variety of substances including legal over-the-counter (OTC) medication, prescription medication, illegal substances and alcohol in the past so our team have REAL life experience, understanding and respect the needs of addicts, family, friends and professionals and understand the sometimes overwhelming, crippling world of addiction, how much of a devastating disease addiction can be but also have found recovery and abstinence from addiction and are now living incredible, enjoyable and freeing life’s free from addiction.”

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