“The purpose of the ‘KICK your HABIT’ campaign is to raise awareness of the complexities related to addiction and dependence. The campaign seeks to build awareness through experience; by challenging individuals within our communities and country to stop using one ‘thing’ for a week and experience, albeit briefly, what a substance dependent might go through in treatment. With experience comes education and this is the ultimate aim of the campaign. Whether this ‘thing’ is caffeine, tobacco, chocolate, or even shopping, is entirely up to the individual’s discretion; however, it is important to consider your choice and select the habit that you can identify using on regular basis.
Keeping a daily log, or even an on-line blog of your progress is encouraged, as this will create awareness for the difficulties faced by dependents on a daily basis. Whether this daily log is posted online, or is private is your
decision, as long as you engage with the challenge.
SANCA is asking all South Africans to join the challenge and to challenge each other during the week.”

Find more from SANCA (South Africa, June 2020)

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