Lockdown Nell

“We are delighted today to release Lockdown Nell, a story resource for everyone affected by their parent’s drinking during lockdown.

Responding to Nacoa’s recent reports about how children of alcohol-dependent parents are managing in lockdown, internationally acclaimed author Jane Elson became inspired to pick up her laptop and write this story.

Picking up on the progress of Nell from her COA novel, Will You Catch Me?, Elson has written a narrative that feels intensely accurate to the experiences of children and young people calling the Nacoa helpline since lockdown began.

It is a fantastical, gripping, and moving piece of writing. Elson’s reading gives authentic voice to the resigned but frustrated emotions of children living with parental alcohol problems.

Lockdown Nell is available to download for free as a digital PDF book, audiobook and video.”

Find more from Nacoa (UK, June 2020)

Read and print Lockdown Nell booklet by clicking here.

Download the Lockdown Nell audiobook by clicking here.

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