Drug free day

“June 8th – On this day, everyone is encouraged to show solidarity with those who suffer from their own or others’ drug use.

The Salvation Army highlights what intoxicants are doing to us and encourages people to refrain from intoxication. From the time we first organized the day in 2011, the response has been overwhelming and the theme engages thousands of people each year.

Every year across the country, we want people to meet good ambassadors and enthusiasts who wish people a drug free day and a good summer.

Summer and intoxication – focusing on the children
Each year, a theme for a Drug Free Day is chosen. We have chosen to focus on summer and intoxication with consideration for the children in 2020 as well.

Most people look forward to summer and holidays. We know that the holidays during the corona virus will be different and many will spend even more time with the closest ones. Summer should be nice and relaxing – for everyone. At the same time, it is known that in everyday life, over 90,000 children are negatively affected by adult alcohol use, almost 1 in 10 children. There are good reasons to assume that this figure is higher during the holidays when more alcohol is in the picture for more people. Many children do not get the summer and holiday that they have been looking forward to because the adults around them drink a little too much alcohol.

Children often carry more than we think.”

Find more from The Salvation Army (Norway, June 2020)

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