What are the Signs of a Drinking Problem?

“If you’re trying to figure out if someone is a problem drinker, the first thing you need to know is something that only the drinker can answer. If you feel comfortable enough, you can ask the drinker this question: Have you ever felt you should cut back on your drinking? If a person who drinks is uncomfortable with how much he or she is drinking, that means that they are probably drinking excessively and on some level, aware of it. Some problem drinkers have decided to cut back and found themselves unable to do so, while other problem drinkers might not have gotten past the stage of thinking about cutting back. In any case, a drinker who thinks they are drinking too much is usually right. Some behavioral signs of alcohol abuse can include:
Increasing legal troubles, such as assault, domestic abuse, or drunk driving
Showing up intoxicated at work, a family function, or a meeting
Yo-yoing: which is drinking and then stopping in a repeated pattern over time
Overreacting to any perceived criticism levelled against their drinking
Experiencing increasing financial problems Stealing and likely lying about it.”

Learn more from American Addiction Centers (USA, 2020)

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