Breathalyze Before You Drive

“As part of this year’s The Heat Is On campaign, CDOT has again partnered with BACtrack, a leading personal and professional breathalyzer company, to urge Coloradans to check their blood-alcohol content (BAC) to confirm they are sober before they drive. Through the partnership, breathalyzers will be offered at a 20% discount for Colorado residents through November 30, or while supplies last.

Nearly 60 people in Colorado are arrested for impaired driving each day. To help reduce alcohol-related crashes and save lives in Colorado, CDOT and BACtrack have teamed for an unprecedented partnership to promote the use of smartphone breathalyzers. Alcohol affects everyone differently and your blood-alcohol content (BAC) can be affected by a variety of factors. A breathalyzer is the best way to get an accurate BAC reading. Even one or two drinks can put you over the DWAI or DUI limit. Don’t risk it; know your BAC is zero before you decide to drive.”

Find more from Colorado Department of Transportation (USA, 2020)

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