Alcohol and driving – The killer combination

Croatian Auto Club Announces Call for Video Clips on the topic of one of the 10 Golden Rules in Traffic.

The competition is organized to promote traffic safety.
The spot must be on the subject of one of the following rules:

1. Get connected!
    Both as a driver and as a passenger! Safety belt? Always!
2. Respect the traffic signs!
    Respect them as a rider, cyclist or pedestrian!
3. Respect speed limits!
    He does it for himself and others.
4. If you drink, don’t drive!
    Alcohol and the steering wheel don’t go together.
5. Take care of the children!
    Car seat always and without exception.
6. Do not use your mobile phone while driving!
7. Don’t ride tired
    Rest if you are drowsy or tired
8. Mandatory helmet!
    Always a helmet when you’re on two wheels!
9. Check tire pressure!
    Don’t forget the spare!
10. Be careful! Be careful.
    The aim of the competition is to encourage youth creativity.

Find more from HAK (Croatia, 2020)

Some of the earlier entires on drinking and driving.

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