“An annual project will record the experiences of a person over one year on the challenges and benefits sobriety brings.

‘Twenty twenty vision for 2020’ is a year long project which takes a sober look at the highs and lows of a healthier lifestyle that could inspire other drinkers to change.

The Alcohol and Drug Service is appealing for a person(s) who would like to quit drinking for a minimum of a year. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate the difference sobriety and a clear head can make to a person’s life.

Going teetotal involves a major lifestyle change. Abstinence from alcohol can be tough particularly when negotiating some social circles. However, there are many advantages with adopting a sober lifestyle; noticing improvements in overall health, the waistline and mood, which, as a result can improve relationships and maximise fun times with friends and family.

The volunteers will diarise findings and receive full support and advice from a team of experts at The Alcohol and Drug Service throughout the year.”

Read further from The Alcohol & Drug Service (UK, 2020) and see the questionnaire

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