Alcohol with 13-17 year olds

“In the canton of Vaud, in particular in Lausanne, there is a significant difference in the rate of substance users, between the age group of 14 years and that of 18 years, particularly marked for alcohol: thus, at 18 years, almost four in ten young people (43.9%) report having consumed alcohol weekly in the past 12 months, compared to only 6.7% at 15 years of age. The same observation applies to tobacco, used regularly by almost a third of young people at 18 years of age (29.9% vs 12.1% at 15 years), and for cannabis (11.6% vs 3.6% at 15 years).

The City of Lausanne decided in May 2019 to tackle the three major addictions of 13-17 year olds through a prevention campaign. Its name: . This action has four objectives: to prevent the health and social risks linked to this consumption, to help young people to make informed choices, to raise their awareness and to provoke debate.

Between May 15 and May 26, a whole series of actions was carried out. Three clips, shot like a youtuber, was broadcasted on social networks.”

Find more from (Switzerland, 2019)

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