Let’s pledge to stop Drinking and Driving

“Through this campaign, ICICI Lombard focuses on the menace of drunk driving that is prevalent around New Year’s Eve. Using a child as a protagonist, the brand attempts to touch an emotional chord with its consumers. The film is shot in a home where a seven-year-old girl is seen playing with her new remote-controlled toy car. The next few shots show her driving the toy recklessly around the living room, often speeding and taking sudden turns, going too close to objects. At a point, her car rams into the chair that her grandmother is seated on. Upset seeing her reckless driving, her grandmother questions her unsafe way of driving the remote-controlled car. The girl reacts instantly and innocently, saying that she is driving the same way as her dad does after he has partied. Her remark leaves a big impact, unveiling how her father drives the car after he has had a few drinks at a party.”

Find more from Financial Express and ICICI Lombard (India, December 2019)

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