Who is driving tonight? You or alcohol?

“December is a month of many celebrations, parties, gatherings and a welcoming atmosphere. In order not to be spoiled by the tragic consequences of road accidents caused by intoxicated road users, the Traffic Safety Agency presents another video “Who’s driving tonight? You or alcohol? ” Traffic sobriety is your responsibility!

Alcohol, drugs and other psychoactive substances are factors that reduce our psychophysical ability to participate safely in transport. Are you aware that one measure of alcohol, which is 0.3 dcl of brandy, 1 dcl of wine or 2.5 dcl of beer, is metabolized in the body for an hour? For more alcohol, this time is extended. Alcohol is the most common risk factor for accidents, so sober driving is your responsibility.”

Find more from Vozimo Pametno (Slovenia, December 2019)

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