Alcohol Awareness Week: Alcohol and Me

“It’s Alcohol Awareness Week running from 11-17 November so let’s get thinking about our drinking! This week is all about Alcohol and me, awareness-raising, campaigning for change, and more.”

Week is organized by Alcohol Change UK (UK, NOvember 2019)

Explore the body map HERE

Take the alcohol quiz HERE

Lots of good and inspiring reading from the Awareness Week´s BLOG


2 thoughts on “Alcohol Awareness Week: Alcohol and Me

  1. Hi
    Greeting for this blog.Amazing information. I just came across your blog and enjoyed the content. It was just wonderful blog. I think you actually bring up some good points. You mention everything about Alcohol Awareness. It was intresting to know things about Alcohol. But I think not all Alcohol is bad for health if It is in limit.
    I also have a blog in which i wrote about Jagermiester which is a type of liqour. You should check here


    1. Hi Manish! When you look at the alcohol and cancer section on this blog you can find that alcohol is a risk factor and that there is no safe level. Alcohol increases the risk from very small quantities.


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